Meet Me at the Rainbow Bridge
Kenneth Newman, DVM
About Dr. Newman

Kenneth Newman graduated from Purdue University with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1979.  The  majority of his career has been devoted to the practice of clinical small animal veterinary medicine. 

Dr. Newman and his beloved Labrador Retriever, Gracie, were crushed between the rear of his family station wagon and the rear of a car whose driver admittedly backed up 25 yards without looking, in April, 2008.  Dr. Newman's leg was broken in 2 places and his knee was deranged requiring surgery, but the loss of his dog and the fact that pets are property by law in all 50 states led Dr. Newman to write his memoir, Meet Me at the Rainbow Bridge.  The book emphasizes the important role that dogs have played throughout his life.  The  owner of a dog that is killed through a deliberate act of malice or an accidental act of negligence is only entitled to the depreciated cash value of the dog. Dr. Newman is currently practicing relief veterinary medicine, and devotes his time trying to
address this disconnect between the important role that pets play as children to their guardians and their legal status in society.

Dr. Newman owned and operated a small animal hospital, Chapman Animal Hospital, in St. Petersburg, Florida, from 1986-2007.  His first position after graduation was in a large
referral practice practice in the Chicago area, the Berwyn Veterinary Associates.  Dr. Newman spent the next 2 years at the world renowned Southern Research Institute, in Birmingham, Alabama, evaluating the pharmacology and toxicology of new anti-cancer and anti-convulsant medicines.  He then operated an emergency hospital for animals upon moving to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr.Newman is married to his wife of 23 years, Heidi.  The Newmans have one son, Dylan,who is 16, three Labrador
Retrievers, Sunshine, Hannah, and Libby, a long-haired Chihuahua, Macho, a cat, Mr. Whiskers, and a rabbit, Hopper.

Dr. Newman's spare time is spent walking his dogs and visiting at the dog park with other devoted dog
owners, or boating and fishing on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.