Meet Me at the Rainbow Bridge
Kenneth Newman, DVM
Meet Me at the Rainbow Bridge begins with a tragic accident in which a careless driver backs up 25 yards without looking, pinning Dr. Newman and his beloved Labrador, Gracie, between his family station wagon and the driver's bumper.  Dr. Newman's life story is narrated in retrospect, emphasizing the importance of the dogs that have shared his life.  It is furthermore an appeal to the hearts and minds of pet owners that the legal status of pets must be elevated above the level of mere property, the status they are now granted in our legal system.  Ninety percent of pet owners now consider their pets to be family members.  The owner of a pet that is killed through an accidental act of negligence or a deliberate act of malice can only receive the cash value for their pet.  Dr. Newman presents his view that the laws of the land are out of touch with the public's sentiment.